A new story…

La classe dels Robots Científics (2n) ja saben qui és ‘El gegant més elegant de la ciutat’. Guaiteu que atents que estan veient la història!

The Scientific Robots already know who is The Smartest Giant in Town. They are so concentrated watching the story… Look!

Si voleu veure de què va la història, aquí teniu el vídeo

We love animals!

A la classe de 1r ens ho passem molt bé aprenent un munt de coses dels animals en anglès. Mireu com treballem!

The first-graders enjoy learning about animals. Take a look!

Skeletons & iPads

La classe dels Esquelets han estat experimentant i jugant amb els iPads durant la sessió d’anglès. Mireu que bé s’ho passen!

The Skeletons have been playing using iPads in the English class. They are having so much fun… take a look!


P3 has a new guest!

On her way to the school Lina found a nice snail. At the begining, our Snail was inside his house and we couldn’t see him. We thought he was thirsty so we gave him some water and… SURPRISE!!! He came out and started to creep happily.

With a magnifying glass we could watch every detail very closely. What a nice shell! It has a spiral shape!

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